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Chapter 2: Hope Through Research

In recent years the scientific community has discovered numerous new findings around UTIs, and great strides have been made around natural treatments. Learning more about how a UTI forms, to how the infections react when new herbs or supplements are introduced into the system, can only lead to more beneficial natural products being developed for UTI sufferers.

However many existing wellness companies aren’t keeping up with the changes and discoveries in medical science.


If you are reading this right now, it’s most likely that you have recently suffered from a recurrent UTI or you are concerned about it happening again. We understand that it is a very frustrating and uncomfortable experience.

It can lead to lost time at work, upsetting your daily routine and even impacting your relationship with your partner. You may feel like this is only happening to you and no one else seems to be going through it because society doesn’t want to talk about issues ‘down there’.

But in reality, many other people, especially women are suffering from this very same issue and the numbers are rising.

UTIs are the second most common problem doctors see 
after the common cold. 

We at BioVital Labs want you to know that there are countless people who have suffered from UTIs which have now managed to relieve themselves of this painful infection by supplementing a few changes.

Overcoming a recurring UTI and regaining balance in your life doesn’t have to be a mystery, and can be a possibility with a better understanding of the biological processes impacting the urinary tract.

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