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Chapter 9: UTI-Fighting Nutrients

As mentioned earlier, getting the right nutrients from our food is becoming increasing difficult. And while a balanced meal is great, you can sway the odds in your favor for preventing UTIs by adding a few key nutrients.

D-Mannose - Not so simple

D-mannose is a simple sugar found in many fruits, including cranberry which you’ve just learned so much about. It is also present in our normal human metabolism cells which means your body already knows and accepts its role in maintaining optimal health.

D-mannose benefits the urinary tract by sticking to bacteria literally coating the E. coli, which means it has no choice but to flow easily from the body, stopping another undesirable infection.

This miraculous supplement doesn’t impact the great work the good bacteria is doing, it only helps displaced bacteria find its way out safely out of the body.


“there is a drug free solution”

Clinical studies show that D-mannose is just as effective as leading brands of antibiotics at reducing the recurrence of UTIs, which means there is a drug-free solution. Taking D-mannose means you don’t need to take something (antibiotics) that can make you feel worse, with side-effects like yeast infections.

D-mannose is also a prebiotic, helping your body build its immune system by stimulating the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system. Rebuilding the good bacteria is such an important role in fighting the root cause of recurrent UTIs.

The way in which D-mannose is metabolized by the body is different than other sugars, and for this reason it is safe for diabetics, children, pregnant women and the elderly to use.

Many practitioners who know about the miraculous power of this supplement are now converting to D-mannose instead of antibiotics for treatment and prevention for UTIs. Not only does D-Mannose prevent UTIs, it also promotes a healthy balance of flora, which means you can get back your normal life sooner.

Vitamin C - The all-rounder

Vitamin C is superhero when it comes to preventing UTIs. It makes a hostile environment which bacteria doesn’t like and it’s always there by your side boosting your immune system when you need it, to make a stronger version of you.


We take Vitamin C for many things, such as the common cold, regardless of the actual scientific proof because all you need is to feel better and it does that. However, when it comes to the fight against recurrent UTIs researchers agree that it plays a pivotal role in halting this debilitating infection.

New studies have found that Vitamin C has a bacteriostatic effect on urine which means it stops bacteria reproducing.

Ironic that Vitamin C has the same effect on UTIs (no reproducing) that having a UTI has to any couple!

Vitamin C isn’t just for one type of bacteria either. It also has positive results against Staph, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Enterococcus faecalis. As we discussed most infections are caused by E. coli, and therefore most treatments are targeted at impacting this type of bacteria. But what about all those people who suffer from another form of bacteria?

What if you’re that small percentage and that’s why all of your previous attempts to rid yourself of your chronic UTI haven’t worked? This is where Vitamin C will come to your rescue as it will work against other types of bacteria.

More great news for Vitamin C is that it's highly recommended for pregnant women to take in order to reduce the risk of urinary infections during their pregnancy and continuing through the breastfeeding period.

Vitamin D - The sunshine vitamin

Did you know that a vitamin D deficiency might be the reason for your UTI? You work in an office, doing long hours and on the weekends you just like to relax in the comfort of your home.

By simply being out of the sunlight for long periods of time you could be lowering your vitamin D levels, which means you’re at risk of yet another painful burning UTI. Recent studies have shown that children and premenopausal women who experienced UTIs were also vitamin D deficient.

Most of the Vitamin D you obtain is from sunlight exposure, 
capturing 80-90% of the necessary vitamin. 


The sunshine vitamin works smarter not harder, by only jumping to the defense of the body when it’s faced with a threatening infection. Vitamin D is stored in the fatty fat cells of your body and is released as necessary.

Science has learnt that in the fight against a UTI this smart vitamin knows which bacteria to attack, leaving the friendly bacteria totally unharmed.

Surprisingly, even people in sunny climates get vitamin D deficiencies possibly because of being sun smart; covering up when outside, staying indoors more due to the heat, or consistently using sunscreen.

The easiest way to get the right amount of vitamin D is to expose your hands, face, arms, and legs to sunlight a few times per week, for only ¼ of the time it would take to get sunburnt.

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