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Chapter 3: Antibiotics - The Terrifying Go-To Doctor Treatment

The more we learn about medicine, the more we understand how pharmaceutical chemicals are affecting our bodies. Western antibiotics are the ‘go-to’ treatment for a UTI, but we now know they attack both the good and bad bacteria in the body, in turn causing additional problems.

The body becomes out of balance because your gut has been completely wiped of all bacteria. When the good bacteria is depleted, the first thing to happen is your immune system becomes weaker, because it’s the good bacteria in the gut that fights off infections and viruses.

Many women experience yeast infections when taking antibiotics. Image taking something that makes you feel worse while you are trying to get better.

It just doesn’t make sense.

We do acknowledge that not all UTI’s are the same, and therefore pharmaceutical medication is necessary for some people, but for most uncomplicated UTIs, if caught early, antibiotics are unnecessary.


What doctors don’t tell you is that antibiotics are a short term fix. They are great to treat the immediate problem but they don’t prevent another UTI from occurring. Unfortunately, 10% of women experience a relapse infection because the initial antibiotic treatment failed, likely resulting in more antibiotics for a longer duration.  All this in turn leads to future infections to being worse than had you not taken the antibiotic to begin with.

How, you might ask? Each time you treat an infection with antibiotics, the infections learns from it, and manipulates itself to be resistant in the future. Once an antibiotic resistance has formed, it can pass on its resistant traits, making a recurring UTI even harder to treat.

  • You Take Antibiotics

    then it kills all of bacteria good & bad, weakening your immune system.

  • The Infection Learns

    from the antibiotics, and find ways to resist another attack by the drug.

  • Future Infections

    are harder to treat because they become resistant to drugs.

In addition to this, some of the most common UTI antibiotics have extremely dangerous side effects, with many experts claiming that they should be a last resort treatment, not the first call.

For this reason alone many people are already trailing natural methods for treating UTIs, rather than going straight to the antibiotics. Those who have suffered through chronic UTIs will empathize with others who report that...

“I feel like I’m just having meds thrown at me every time I see my doctor”. 

Natural antibiotics are available through food! But more importantly, looking at which foods can treat the root cause of the problem itself can prevent future UTIs, making it a fantastic solution.

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