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Chapter 1: Urinary Tract Infections Are Stubborn

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are an exceedingly common problem among men and women worldwide that is only getting worse. In the Unites States alone over 8.1 million clinic visits are made by people suffering from their first UTI and in women, up to half of the cases are a recurring UTI.

Lets put this into perspective and think about what this figure actually means.

60% of women will have at least one UTI during their lifetime and up to 50% of those women will experience recurring or even chronic UTIs.


When we look at the stubborn recurring cases, 80% are reinfections, and 10% are a relapse caused by the same initial episode, meaning pharmaceutical treatment is not always enough.

  • 80% are Reinfections

  • 10% are a Relapse

  • Antibiotics Don't Always Work

Infections of any kind are not good for the body or the mind, but a UTI can be extremely debilitating. UTI symptoms can impact your ability to do normal daily tasks, make you want to stay indoors near the safety of your bathroom, as well as impact your love life with your partner causing unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Additionally, with each UTI you get, it will further weaken your immune system. This increasing problem has caught the attention of the health industry with many new trials and studies currently in the works.

In the meantime what are sufferer’s to do?

Many are taking their health and wellbeing into their own hands by learning how to self manage their UTI’s and build a brighter future which is UTI free. You can also learn about many different natural treatments and being one of the many who have changed their life naturally for the better!

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