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Chapter 10: Probiotics

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The human body is made up of over 500 different probiotic strains, so it’s no wonder that boosting your system with the necessary blend makes a world of difference to your health.

However not all probiotics are the same and certain strains work to help certain parts of the body. The amazing news for chronic UTI suffers is that scientific research has been able to pinpoint the two best and most vital probiotic strains to assist you in being UTI free.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus ( L. rhamnosus) and Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri) are the two probiotics which every chronic UTI sufferer needs to know.

“L. rhamnosus & L. reuteri strains are the world’s most documented and clinically proven probiotics for women’s health.”

These two probiotics have the best chance of survival through the stomach, so that they may get to the urinary tract system where the important work is done, working their magic to make your flora healthier.

These probiotics are great for women because they are clinically proven to repopulate the vagina with beneficial bacteria, which means not only will this help to keep those dreaded UTIs at bay, but it will also help to prevent BV (bacterial vaginosis), and yeast infections.

Unlike some of the herbal supplements which can take effect immediately on the body once absorbed, probiotics are a little slower. It can take more than a week for the full effects of taking probiotics to occur and then changes in your bodies flora, like a menstrual cycle, will again change how quickly the probiotics can work to influence the good bacteria.

  • Probiotics are a little slower

  • Takes over a week to feel the effects

  • Continual use is recommended

Continual use of probiotics is not only safe but it is recommended as the best way to ensure your body has the good bacteria ready and available when it’s needed. Some people find that by adding probiotics to their daily diet, their sugar cravings have reduced, which is nothing but great news for preventing UTIs.


An important point to keep in mind is that antibiotics interfere with probiotics, undoing the magic and reversing the effects on the body. As we discussed earlier antibiotics kill all bacteria, good or bad.  They leave the immune system vulnerable to unwanted side-effects and recurrences of UTIs, which will come back even more persistent and resistance.

If you have had antibiotics recently you many want to increase your probiotic dose for a few days to boost the good bacteria back up in your system as soon as possible.

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