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Chapter 4: Harnessing Nature’s Amazing Herbs and Supplements

At BioVital Labs we believe in and encourage a more natural path of healing and prevention before resorting to pharmaceutical antibiotics. Why not see if your body will respond to the right nutritional balance, building a stronger more resilient immune system for yourself? Wouldn’t it be empowering to know that you have freed yourself from future UTI’s by simply changing a few habits and giving your body what it needs to fight off the infection before it even starts?

Changing your habits is easy. Giving your body what it needs can be more difficult.

Unfortunately, with an increase in mass produced foods on the rise, finding the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in your daily diet is difficult.

But that’s not the only problem.

Cheap processed foods are only getting cheaper causing our ability to make good choices even harder when it comes to deciding what we eat.

  • Processed Food Is Getting Cheaper

  • Making Smart Choices Is Becoming Harder

The good news though, is science is quickly catching up and helping the health industry to better understand how our bodies work. We now know the strains of bacteria which cause UTIs and which natural foods can help to stop their ability to harbor in our bodies.

In this guide we will introduce you to some easy to implement habits which will greatly assist in reducing the ability of a UTI to develop. We will teach you about the most powerful nutrients and miraculous natural remedies for maintaining a healthy urinary tract.

Much of the information here is very recent, with many of the findings having been reported only in the last few years, but some have been known by natural healers for centuries.

We aim to combine the safe discoveries of modern science with the ancient practice of natural healing providing you with safe and effective method to achieve a healthy body.

We have made every effort to explain our findings in a common easy to read language. However at times we may use vocabulary which you are not familiar with. To help with this at the end of the guide you will find a Glossary of Terms.

Parts of this guide may get technical – please bear with us. The new found knowledge below will leave you armed with everything you’ll need to stop your next UTI before it can cause you any pain, and continue to help you maintain a healthy urinary tract for years to come.

An Inspirational Story

The chronic UTI sufferer’s journey, by Rachel McGuinty, (one of our favorite customers)

As a kid, I can remember a few rough nights, when I woke up crying because there was a burning sensation coming from ‘down there,’ I woke my mom to go pee, but nothing happened.

She took me to the doctor, and he said nothing was wrong ‘maybe it's just growing pains.’ Home we went and come to think of of it, after that I was fine, the pain passed and I never thought about it again.

Until that was...when it happened again in my 20’s. I’ve got a boyfriend now, and he stays over on weekends. I guess being sexually active stirred things up and a few days later I find myself, scared, embarrassed and off to see the doctor. All I can think is “oh god, please don’t be an STD.”

9QEVP5YHO3My local GP is a man, but that’s ok, I’ve been seeing him for a while now and I’m somewhat comfortable talking about what’s going on. A quick urine test determines its not an STD.

PHEW…so what is it?

A urinary tract infection. What? How did I get an infection. He gives me a prescription for antibiotics and tells me to be more careful with my personal hygiene and to not wear tight pants. Clearly he doesn’t understand my close!

Luckily, a few days pass and I’m feeling great — the pills have worked.

Except 3 weeks later I start to notice a slight pain in my abdomen, then I wake in the middle of the night with the greatest urge to pee, and when I do, it feels like I’m peeing barbed wire.

But now, I know what this is and how to fix this. Off to the doctor for more of those quick relief antibiotics.

My doctor didn’t mention anything about side effects, but this time I got a yeast infection a few days after starting the antibiotics. I figured it was just a coincidence but when I went to the pharmacy to get an over the counter treatment, the pharmacist told me it was most likely from the antibiotics.

This time the UTI stays away and I’m able to enjoy sex with my boyfriend again. He was understanding of my problem and didn’t pressure me about having sex. At first I was a little hesitant, because this is what caused my UTI the last 2 times (I think), and I don’t want to experience that feeling ever again.

Fast forward a few more years and I’ve landed an amazing job with a huge company.

My career is booming and I seem to get promotion after promotion. Unfortunately this means working more than the normal 40 hour week, often I don’t make it to the morning gym class because I’m too run down. I drink more coffee than I should, and not enough water as I KNOW I should.

It’s probably my fault that I keep getting the UTI’s. I should try harder to be healthier.

I’m scared to go and see my GP now, who I used to really like. Now he just gives me antibiotics to get me out the door. He’s stopped giving me regular advice on how to avoid a UTI, I think he thinks I’m just a dirty person.

He doesn’t get it at all. My UTI’s are so debilitating!

I miss work, which leads to taking more work home with me, my partner and I split, probably because I became less interested in sex. Now I don’t bother.

My last UTI was different. I know my body and I could tell something wasn’t right. A few tests from my doctor show that the antibiotics I was on are no longer working, which means I’ll need something stronger.

I’m not sure I can handle that. I already feel run down, I get a cold the minute someone sneezes near me. I know the antibiotics have worn down my immune system.

With a little bit of research, in the right places, I found studies from scientist, about natural remedies that work. As it turns out UTI’s are such a huge problem for society, research labs are getting funding to find permanent solutions. Antibiotic resistant is growing at an alarming rate and I don’t want to become a statistic.

Something needs to change, but I’m not sure what. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. Actually I’m more than just that, I’m so frustrated!

Scouring the internet forums I found tons of info, what worked, what was just BS, how much do you take, and for how long. The list seems endless and feel like I tried so many different natural remedies.

Will I ever find something that works consistently as well as the antibiotics used to?

Cranberry juice helped for a while when I remembered to drink it 3 times a day, then I read about how d-mannose is better. This was easier as it was just a tablet in the morning and then again in the evening.

My body is out of balance, my life is hectic and stressful, all this piles up, and eventually the immune system crashes. I was chopping and changing so much that nothing seemed to have a chance at working longer term.

That was until I found BioVital. With the help of UTVital I got what I needed with a treatment which only took 10 seconds and the effects were almost immediate for some of my symptoms.

I’ll admit it’s information overload on the internet, but when I stumbled upon UTVital, a thorough read of the product info told me these guys knew what they were talking about.

That’s what I need: a focused solution without all that hassle wasting time testing what works and what doesn’t. Maybe it was all those hours in the office working, never seeing the sunshine and I had given myself a vitamin deficiency. I changed my mindset and decided I needed to find a natural path to healing my body.

Reading more about the supplement I could see myself being able to benefit from each ingredient. And for me it’s everything I was looking for, but in one dose. No more buying 4 different products, taking different tablets during the day, rattling when I walk from a million pill bottles, and having a bad tasting liquid probiotic.

UTVital keeps my UTIs at bay, but if I do get the feeling that something is stirring, I simply up the dose for a day or two to help my body fight off the infection.

I love being able to self manage my UTI’s. No more running off to the doctor, no more having to explain another embarrassing infection, and no more spending money on dangerous antibiotic treatments. I am empowered, I am UTI FREE.

A huge thanks to UTVital for creating something that actually works. I hope it can do the same for you.


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