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Discover how to live without the fear of another UTI which means you can stop taking those dangerous drugs!

The Natural Guide to UTI Free Living will help you to discover how to prevent another dreaded infection by harnessing the power of natures awesome herbs and vitamins.


If you are reading this guide it’s most likely because you’re a UTI sufferer (ugh, sorry) and looking for answers. Answers which you didn’t get from your doctor about how to self manage this annoying, debilitating infection.

As a previous sufferer, I’ve been researching and studying information about urinary tract infections for a while now and helping women like you is my passion. It even led me to co-found BioVitals Lab and spend my life putting the best and most-natural products in the market.  We have learned a ton about natural remedies and UTIs and what I’m about to share with you is the knowledge you need to become UTI-free naturally!

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common condition that most women will have to deal with at some point in their lives. Some people even experience them on a somewhat regular basis.

But before we really get into the “How?” and “What?” of this whole thing, let me first lay down some ground rules…

Some Ground Rules

Rule #1: You must read this entire guide.

I’m not going to assume that your doctor gave you amazing advice about how to help prevent UTIs, because if that were the case you probably wouldn’t need this guide.

A five minute chat with my GP and I was out the door with a prescription for antibiotics and a recommended regimen of drinking more water. No ground-breaking advice for me.

Rule #2: You must take immediate action.

I hope to help you identify the root cause of the problem, which of your habits may be leading to your recurrent urinary tract issue, and why it’s in your best interest to avoid another round of harmful antibiotics.

If you aren’t willing to change just a few things, then I can’t help you. Eventually, no one will be able to help you, as you will soon become resistant to the antibiotics which you probably have to take all too often. Don’t let this happen!

So, read the entire report, implement a few new habits, and become UTI-free.

Diving In…

Good News!

Some Natural Remedies Are As Effective As Leading Antibiotics…

This 23 page guide is packed full of tips and easy to follow advice on how you can live UTI-Free. Here's some of what you will learn:

  • Antibiotic ALERT

    The Terrifying Go-To Doctor Treatment To Stop Taking

  • Botanical Fighters

    Lean How To Harness Nature’s Amazing Herbs and Supplements

  • Combating the Root Cause

    The best way to combat a UTI is to attack the root cause of the problem.

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Chapter 1. Urinary Tract Infections Are Stubborn

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are an exceedingly common problem among men and women worldwide that is only getting worse. In the Unites States alone over 8.1 million clinic visits are made by people suffering from their first UTI and in women, up to half of the cases are a recurring UTI.


Chapter 2. Hope through Research

In recent years the scientific community has discovered numerous new findings around UTIs, and great strides have been made around natural treatments. Learning more about how a UTI forms, to how the infections react when new herbs or supplements are introduced into the system, can only lead to more beneficial natural products being developed for UTI sufferers.


Chapter 3. Antibiotics: The Terrifying Go-To Doctor Treatment

The more we learn about medicine, the more we understand how pharmaceutical chemicals are affecting our bodies. Western antibiotics are the ‘go-to’ treatment for a UTI, but we now know they attack both the good and bad bacteria in the body, in turn causing additional problems.


Chapter 4. Harnessing Nature’s Amazing Herbs and Supplements

At BioVital Labs we believe in and encourage a more natural path of healing and prevention before resorting to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Why not see if your body will respond to the right nutritional balance, building a stronger more resilient immune system for yourself? Wouldn’t it be empowering to know that you have freed yourself from future UTI’s by simply changing a few habits and giving your body what it needs to fight off the infection before it even starts?


Chapter 5. Why do I get UTIs?

You eat healthy, maintain a steady exercise routine and are a clean person so why does a UTI still occur? What many people don’t understand is that certain foods, especially those high in sugar, help bad bacteria to grow. And that exercise routine could be doing harm if you aren’t considering the impact on the urinary tract. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that in a little bit.


Chapter 6. Combating the Root Cause

The best way to combat a UTI is to attack the root cause of the problem. Three factors which cause an infection are:

  1. An Unhealthy Urinary Tract
  2. A Low Immune System
  3. Poor Nutrition

Chapter 7. The Anti-UTI Diet

When your body is working as it should, the good bacteria will fight the bad stuff ensuring it can never sticks the bladder walls where it likes to hide out and cause problems. By boosting your immune system your body can create enough of the good bacteria to win this battle. Choosing not to take antibiotics when they aren’t necessary also helps to keep the good bacteria around.


Chapter 8. Botanical UTI-Fighters

Proper nutrition and extra precautions are important, but far from ALL you can do about your… situation. Every day with a UTIs can feel like an eternity, so there is no need to play fair. Below, read how you can wage biological warfare on that pesky bacteria with all-natural botanical extracts and compounds.


Chapter 9. UTI-Fighting Nutrients

As mentioned earlier, getting the right nutrients from our food is becoming increasing difficult. And while a balance meal is great, you can sway the odds in your favor for helping to prevent UTIs by adding a few key nutrients.


Chapter 10. Probiotics

The human body is made up of over 500 different probiotic strains, so it’s no wonder that boosting your system with the necessary blend makes a world of difference to your health. However not all probiotics are the same and certain strains work to help certain parts of the body. The amazing news for chronic UTI suffers is that scientific research has been able to pinpoint the two best and most vital probiotic strains to assist you in being UTI free.



Our goal is educate people about habits and lifestyle changes to help prevent UTIs, to the point where they no longer worry about getting another infection. We, at BioVital Labs hope this guide will help you completely avoid UTIs – or at least significantly reduce their frequency and severity. Now more than ever it’s so important to treat UTIs naturally, to prevent your body from becoming antibiotic resistant, so that when a life threatening illness strikes, the antibiotics will be effective.


Research and Further Reading

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