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Chapter 6: Combating the Root Cause

The best way to combat a UTI is to attack the root cause of the problem. Three factors which cause an infection are:

  • An Unhealthy Urinary Tract
  • A Low Immune System
  • Poor Nutrition

Impacts on the Urinary Tract

The bacteria that causes 95% of UTIs is everywhere and no matter how careful you are, you can’t avoid it because bacteria is a normal part of our genetic make up.

But what you can do is control where it should and shouldn’t be by creating hostile living conditions for bad bacteria in the body that won’t allow it to stay in the urinary tract. You don’t want to kill all of the bacteria in your body, which occurs when antibiotics are taken, because organs like your stomach need bacteria to digest food properly.

A hostile living condition for bacteria is a healthy urinary tract that forces bad bacteria to flow easily out of the body and past the bladder walls.

Drink more water - You’ve heard it before that you need to drink more water and for good reason. It helps to flush the body of unwanted toxins. The more you drink, the more you pee and that means you’re emptying your bladder frequently making it harder for bad bacteria to stay in your system.

Additionally, anytime your nether region comes into contact with an external source you should pee ASAP. A few drops isn’t going to cut it either!

This is where drinking all that water comes in handy because you won’t have any problem needing to use the bathroom. Here are times when you should pee:

  • Before and after sex
  • After a bath, spa/jacuzzi or hot tub
  • After exercise and sports - sweat gets everywhere
  • After riding your bike
  • After swimming
  • After sitting for long periods of time
  • After removing damp or wet clothes

Reports worldwide are now seeing a seasonal trend to UTIs, with a peak in the few summer months. Why? Because summer is hot and humid. We sweat a lot more and love to go swimming to cool off. These are all times when our body is at risk of being more susceptible to infections.

  • Worldwide Reports

    Of an increase in urinary tract infections in the summer months.

  • Why?

    Because its hot and you sweat a lot more, making you prone to UTIs.

  • And We Go Swimming

    To cool off which also increases
    the risk of an infection.

A common misconception is that cleaning and wiping down there with antibacterial products is good for you. Doing this changes the chemical balance in your natural flora which is not good for your bodies ability to fight off infection.

For washing the areas, simply use water to clean yourself and as for wiping after using the bathroom, use unscented paper or neutral pH wipes. We recommend that you don’t use any feminine sprays or douches.

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